e15Summer after graduation can be a particularly stressful and confusing time for high school graduates. Going to college seems like the next logical step but there are a lot of decisions to be made, including selecting which college to attend.

Fortunately, there are text messaging services students can opt-in that makes the entire process less overwhelming.

It’s important for universities to deliver value first as unsolicited text might seem invasive to some students and discourage them to apply. Read-worthy content helps to create awareness and increase engagement, which will ultimately be useful when the time comes for the students to choose.

Students’ opting-in to text messages is a clear indication of their interest in a certain university. However, it’s possible that they have also signed up with other programs elsewhere. Still, this creates an opportunity for colleges to develop better strategies to reach the student population and encourage incoming college students to choose them.

By using SMS platforms, colleges can send messages that thank students for their interest upon subscription. Furthermore, these messages can be programmed to send replies that address subscribers by their first name, making it more personal.

Students can also inquire about the necessary requirements for enrollment. This way, universities can prevent students who fail to matriculate just because they have difficulty navigating the enrollment process.

Text messaging can also help prevent summer melt. This refers to a phenomenon wherein students who have already committed to one university either decided to attend another or failed to transition to college altogether.

In order to recruit students successfully, your messages should be relevant and compelling. They may be considering your institution but you have to provide valuable information to forge a connection with prospective students.

Perhaps, the popularity of SMS is never more apparent than in universities where students send and receive dozens of messages everyday. As such, education institutions need to plan how to integrate SMS into their overall recruitment strategy.

If you’re running a recruitment campaign for a college or university, you might consider using text messaging platforms to reach prospective students. Incoming college students use texting as a daily form of communication and universities should take advantage of this fact.

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