Month: June 2016

4 Tips to Get Into Nursing School

e19If you hope to sign up to a nursing program, you want to have at least preexisting knowledge of some of the basics, such as CPR. This emergency procedure is often listed as part of the admission criteria, and shows that you have a willingness to learn and commit to this profession. Here are four things to consider in the process of getting into nursing school:

Volunteer work or community service

By applying for volunteer work or community service it is possible to give a great first impression when it comes to enrolling in a teaching school and when you are reviewed by the admission committee. Any form of community service involvement is viewed in a very positive manner, especially when it relates to BSN level. It is possible to connect with a local hospital via one of their volunteer coordinators. Also, it benefits to stick with a single position and not change roles on a regular basis. The reason for this is the ability to get a reference that comes from someone you have worked with for a while.

Visit the nursing school

Before you make a commitment to a particular nursing school it can benefit to visit those you plan to apply to. If possible, talk to other students, sit in on classes and talk to professors. Try to get tips and guidance on how to get accepted into the preferred program. Also, the nursing school advisors can give a general idea of what the admissions committee is looking for and the overall competitiveness of the program.

Well organized essay

Use the entry essay to clearly show you have the academic know-how to match the needs of the nursing course. Try to write the unique essay that details the path taken and your motivation for applying to this specific profession. Also, include details about why the specific school has been selected and why it is a great fit for your personal circumstances. Get others to read the essay and get suggestions to help make improvements.

Letter of recommendation

A very positive letter of recommendation that highlights your commitment and achievements is certain to impress the admissions committee. Community and volunteering services are great places to connect with and can write the type of recommendation letter that can hold a lot of weight and hopefully sway the admissions committee into giving you a positive outcome. Also, similar to the entry essay, you should check and proof read these letters before submitting.

Nursing, The Noble As Well As Lucrative Career

e18A nurse takes care of their patient just like a mother takes care of her child. Shielding them from anything harmful and taking care of every activity performed by the patient and regarding the patient, so that they become healthy. They also administer the medicines regularly to their patients as well as help the doctor treat the patient successfully. He/she is the one who comes running in case of any emergency in a hospital even before the doctor does and attends the patient wholeheartedly till they recover.

The profession of nurse is a very noble one. The patients trust them with their lives and are dependent on them while they are striving to get better. Each and everything from what to eat, to what to wear, which medicine is to be administered and at what time should a patient be sponged and to when a test sample is to be taken, everything falls under the dominion of the concerned nurse. Anything and everything a doctor suggests, is implemented by the nurse only.

He/she is the point of contact for the patient and his/her family, any problem that they face is communicated to the nurse, who takes the required course of action as much as possible and falls under their area of action, if the problem still persists, then the doctor is made aware of the situation.

Nurses don’t keep taking care of the patients without any clue of what is happening with the patient and why they are being administered with the specified medicine. They attain an education and specialization in different areas such as, adult nursing, child nursing, mental health nursing, learning disabilities and so many others. They work side by side with the doctors for the attainment of the perfect health of the patient they are working on.

Different courses that can be taken up under the nursing branch are –

ADN – (Advanced Diploma in Nursing) Junior Specialist Program; which is a 2 year program,

BSN – (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Bachelor Degree Program; which is a 4 year program, and

MSN – (Masters of Science in Nursing) Master Degree Program; which is a 2 year program.

There are uncountable universities for attaining good quality education in the field of nursing, including different specialties that can be taken up by the interested students. Any student should take care of the reputation of the university they are choosing to pursue their education from. Apart from that, the fee to be paid for the program should be kept in mind, as well as the quality of education imparted there and the culture that is prevalent there and if, it promotes studying or not. Choose the best nursing schools which offer the best program, whether diploma or degree that suits your needs.

7 Common Problems Students Face During University Life

e17Starting university is like starting a new life. When students leave home for university, they embark on a new journey, one that of self-reliance and self-discovery, which largely shapes up their outlook on life in the longer run.

Most students are not prepared for the challenges of university and end up being overwhelmed, which results in them taking extra time to adjust to their new life. That is fine, as long as you eventually get comfortable with university life, but a far better course of action would be to prepare yourself, mentally and emotionally, for any problem you may face at college and university level.

Here are a few issues you should be ready to deal with as a university student.

1. Adjustment to New Life

Whether you are a student experiencing the campus environment for the first time or going back to the campus life after spending the vacation at home, there will be a period of adjustment, more so in the first scenario.

The first year of university is always extra hard when it comes to adjustment to university life so you should be expecting to at least get a culture shock because of how different things would be compared to home or school. Additionally, it is important to not get in a frenzy over getting everything right. Give yourself some time, and expect to get a little bamboozled, but always stay confident that eventually you will come to love the university life.

2. Homesickness

Since it is the first time being away from home for most students, homesickness can strike very hard. However, thanks to the modern means of communication, most students feeling homesick can stay connected with their parents, family members and friends over the internet.

3. Pressure of Studies

Most students are paying their education expenses themselves so the pressure on them to get good grades is immense. Even if it is not them paying, there are still massive social and educational repercussions of not succeeding in the studies. Students should expect the studies to be much harder than before, and at the same time, should focus more on learning rather than getting a good GPA.

4. Cost of Education

Ever since the most recent increase in the cost of higher education in the UK, the number of students seeking professional counseling has significantly increased. Mental health issues are surfacing more than ever in students according to a survey by the National Students Union (NUS).

You should realize that the only way you can avoid mental anxiety and make the expenses worth is when you enjoy your time in the university, focus on your studies and keep a nice balance between the two.

5. Finding New Friends

It is difficult to make friends at a new place, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will have to fit in with people who have different interests in order to make new friends at university. You can be yourself and find friends at the same time, you just have to be patient and involve yourself in activities that you like.

6. Housing Problems

You may get a place in the hostel or dorm, but it is really difficult to find student accommodation that is right for you. You have to consider factors such as distance, rent rates, facilities, roommates etc. Students face housing problems all the time so if you can, have a place ready before you leave home. Student accommodation is a big issue in UK and you would do well to have a solution prepared.

7. Time Management

From trying to study to living alone and doing the required chores, to maintaining a social life, to possibly working some sort of a job to help with expenses, students don’t have the “time” to manage and think about their time. They sleep in irregular patterns and do everything at the last minute.